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a short documentary about pronouns and how the power of words is shaping the future.


the 'they' pronoun. destroying the world or dismantling antiquated gender norms and stereotypes? you decide.

this short documentary continues the conversation happening everywhere all over our country. a conversation about the language of gender.

15% of millennials now use the pronoun. nearly 60% of generation Z knows someone who uses the pronoun. so this is not going away. nor is it a new concept. (and in other cultures this ambiguity has been embraced and in even some, exalted.)

but in america, it’s just time. our society is to evolving to allow the freedom to choose for ourselves how we want to identify … including whether or not to tick an F or M to validate some socially constructed binary that we know to feel inauthentic.

this exploration of the intersection of the words we choose and the thick molasses of gender dynamics profiles six Oregonians who use they/them pronouns (and a few others) who feel empowered to tell their stories.

this film is called theyTHEM to emphasize the people who stepped forth in this piece, but also the brave THEMS everywhere who feel what it’s like to want to question the societal boxes we are told to cram ourselves into. those who say, nah to all the shoulds of oppressive results of conditioned and socialized gendered enforcement.

timely, huh?

this is just a sliver of their lives. but it’s a moment caught in time, Portlanders, pronouns and the transformative power of language as an evolving reflection of our always-changing society.

it is our goal to create a film or a series of visual storytelling that validates something our culture actively works to invalidate: gender non-conformity. we seek to empower these stories. and by telling our own stories, we take the power back.


stuart getty was a copywriter for 12 years, has been a filmmaker for five, and now works at the design consultancy IDEO in San Francisco. "Telling (mostly) queer stories that need to be told" through side-hustle/true love The Getty Brothers, stuart hopes to continue this project and so very very many others. (so call them.) this particular story is personal. stuart uses they/them pronouns in male-dominated industries and believes in the power of authentic heart-driven storytelling in helping close the gaps of society. let’s listen to one another. and empower the voices so often made invisible.



for more information about the they/them project and how you can be a part of continuing to tell all the stories, hit us up. or just venmo STuartgetty because this was an unfunded piece of trans art. Let us tell our own stories and pay us for that. 

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